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Attract – engage – convert: personalising the buyer journey

Did you know that 64% of buyers want a personalised sales proposal?

For many of us in sales and marketing, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that the days of the 'one size fits all' sales approach are done and dusted. The best way to appeal to any customer is to custom craft a buyer experience to their individual needs. But creating that level of personalisation can be time-consuming, complicated and resource-intensive.

According to Forrester Research the average salesperson is already spending less than a third of their day actually selling and engages in as many as 39 different activities.  So, how can you keep things personal without expending even more time?

I recently joined some colleagues from Paycove and Qwilr for an interesting webinar Simplifying 1:1 Buyer experiences where we shared insights on how to achieve a good level of personalisation, whilst overcoming the typical hurdles businesses face in implementing them. These “hacks” can help you boost the process and hopefully enjoy some quick wins, to move from attracting a prospective customer to engaging them in your offer, and then converting that interest to a sale.

The three main steps – attract, engage, convert – each offers an opportunity for you to get ahead of the competition and enhance your outreach for future prospects. If you can streamline that three-step process for them with a great, personalised offer, you can help to make their buying decisions easier and faster.


During the first step, you’ll need to understand your audience and build an individual buyer journey for your customer.

1. Identify a theme aligned to a pain area for your buyers

Be clear about your audience and the problem areas you can address. Align this to a topic or theme that will attract them. Ideally this should be something they would be searching for information on.

2. Create a compelling content offer

Map out the buyer journey and the content you’ll need to produce to support them at each step. Research the questions they might ask and ensure your content provides answers. Create at least one compelling content offer to draw the right people in. One way of doing this is with the Fusion Accelerator Toolkit that enables you to offer a personalised benchmark report, aligned to their specific needs.

3. Adjust the buying experience to their interests and needs

With the insight you’ve captured – which can be fed back into your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system – you can contextualise your next steps to appeal directly to their interests, whether that be a lead nurture or a direct sales engagement.


Once your customer has started looking in your direction, you’ll need to engage them with a tailormade offer.

1. Simplify the buying process

Make it easy to choose your product by streamlining the sales process and reducing the time a client needs to spend on decision-making – 32% of customers want a faster process, According to Qwilr Research. 

2. Move quickly

78% of people buy from the first company to respond to their enquiry, so timeliness is key to closing.

3. Personalise

The generic approach can do more harm than good! Adapt your offer to your client’s needs, to show you see them as an individual and you take them seriously.


When you’re closing off your sale, ensure a smooth transition to post-sales with a personalised service.

1. Improve time management

Automating your quote/invoice/payment process means less time spent creating documents and chasing remuneration.

2. Eliminate errors

An automated service is a more accurate one – giving you consistency, peace of mind and credibility.

3. Integrate

If you integrate your CRM and accounting systems, you can save time and effort – you’ll have a complete, all-round view of your customers, helping you retain business and enhancing the buyer experience for new prospects.

Check out the webinar recording for more hacks, insights and advice on improving your personalised buyer experience.

Watch the webinar