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How to get started with your buyer persona research – free template

Get in tune with your audience with our downloadable Persona Development Template

In our latest ebook – Buyer Personas:  A guide for B2B technology companies, we give you a master class in what personas are and how you can start today to create them and more importantly start using them to communicate more effectively with your customers and prospects.

However, if it still feels like a giant leap between theory and practice, our easy-to-use Persona Development Template will help you to focus your research and capture the details you need. Download the buyer persona template and work through each of the fields, to build up a clearer picture of your ideal personas.

Here’s an example from the Buyer Persona ebook:


Once you have developed your persona profile, you should be able to tell a story about the person it represents. You will know what interests them, what they read, how to get through to them, their pain points and, more importantly, how your service or solution can help.

What next?

Armed with this holistic view, you will now be able to tell a story about, for example, your time poor prospect, a contact who is forever fighting fires or an innovative customer.  With this insight, you can personalise your marketing activities to showcase your solutions more effectively to your different personas. Refer back to our ebook for more practical insights or drop us an email if you would like to discuss further.

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