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WATCH: Building and Rolling Out Your Messaging Framework

We were delighted when our co-founder, Diana Tucker was invited to guest speak on FORA’s recent podcast: Building and Rolling Out Your Messaging Framework. They discussed how to interview your stakeholders to build out your marketing message and shared some great insights into how we do things around here at Marketing Fusion.

As well building Marketing Fusion from the ground up with co-founder, Virginia Bray, Diana was also appointed as the Chair of the South East Region for the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM). During her tenure as Chair and now as Communications Ambassador, she worked to make events and communications smooth and seamless to support marketers at every stage of their career.

FORA has been interviewing marketing leaders through a series of podcasts to learn where they focus their resources, how they address their top challenges and what solutions they’re using to do all of this.

There were many great topics covered in the podcast including:

  • How to build a great messaging framework, from discovery to delivery
  • Preparing for discovery – how to pull the best insights from your prospects
  • The challenge of ensuring consistency across visual and written media

The podcast is available to listen to and is the perfect companion to a morning coffee! We’d love to know your thoughts around messaging frameworks, so be sure to get in contact on our LinkedIn to join the conversation. Or to find out more about how our expertise around comprising a compelling story could benefit your business, get in touch today.

Listen now 👇