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Should you repurpose content?

See how TIA Technology got impressive results

You may have noticed that we spend a lot of time talking about the many ways companies can repurpose content to get even more value out of it. We recently helped one of our clients, TIA Technology, to do just that – and generated some great metrics that we were naturally keen to share.

We’ve been working with TIA for just over a year now. They approached us about repurposing an existing white paper for a new campaign that was due to launch just before summer break. And of course we were keen to help.

TIA took the content repurposing message to heart, but more than that they focused on creating a multi-phase, multi touch campaign. The theme was the digitalisation of the insurance industry – something that touches us all indirectly, even if we don’t work in this market.

What did we do?

Our original source document was a fairly heavy, 22-page white paper which was unwieldy and not super attractive to new readers. But the core content was still relevant and provided a lot of value. The problem was simply in the way it was delivered.

We worked with the TIA team to review the content and identify which parts needed to be updated. Once we had that core information, we started work on turning it into a more user-friendly ebook format. The priority was to break the content down into clear sections, build a cohesive story and present it in an attractive and engaging format.

More than just a single asset

TIA recognised that a single ebook would only have limited reach, so we also helped them to create an accompanying checklist that allowed their audience to score themselves in relation to their digital progress. It is a clever way to engage the audience and provides something of value to the reader who can benchmark their current performance. It also gave TIA a second reason to reach out to their target audience and encourage those who didn’t already engage with the ebook to take a second look.

TIA promoted primarily by email to their own database, but also promoted the campaign through social channels. Marketing Fusion provided the copy for all the promotional elements, including an infographic, a series of blog posts, emails and social media updates.

Time for the results

TIA’s first email to promote the ebook generated a 19.6% open rate, which click throughs of 5.45% which is pretty good by anyone’s standard. They then sent out their second touch to promote the checklist which generated a 13.8% open rate and 1.83% click rate. Of those individuals who clicked through to the campaign landing page, 40% registered. And following qualification by TIA, 75% of registered contacts were deemed to be marketing qualified leads.

Jette Børsting Lundquist, Marketing Director at TIA Technology, was really pleased with the results. “We wanted to offer our prospects content that they considered valuable and that would also help to position us as a voice of authority in our industry. Marketing Fusion was a fantastic partner to work with. The team understood our strategy, helped us shape the campaign, and delivered high quality assets that have been a big hit with our audience.”

Why did the campaign work?

The TIA audience is a specialised one, but the same principles apply when marketing to this group as they do to any other. Content needs to offer something to the reader. It’s not about overtly selling, but it is an opportunity to share best practice and demonstrate credibility as a supplier. And when it comes to distribution, you need to take more than one bite of the cherry. Think about how you want to follow up your main asset and cross promote it in different ways.

Social is key, of course. No big surprise there. Promote, share and promote again to get good coverage. And don’t be afraid to come back round at a future date to refresh that promotion. As long as the content hasn’t dated, there is nothing to stop you doing so.

What’s the key takeaway here?

Quite simply, it’s about reusing the content you already have. Many companies struggle to think how they can create enough content to feed the lead generation machine. But not all your content has to be brand new. Go back to your existing library of white papers, webinar recordings and research reports to see what is still relevant, and challenge the way it is presented. Can you turn it into a SlideShare, an ebook or a compelling blog post? Don’t let that content languish in the archives if it still has life in it.

And if you want any help to identify which of those content assets you are currently sitting on that can be put to good use, why not give us a call? We’d be happy to help.

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