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The value of the Thank You page

Thank You Page

The 'Thank You' page is an often overlooked a part of your digital strategy...

The obvious purpose of a Thank You page is to do exactly what it states - to thank your visitor for downloading an offer, marketing asset or subscribing to a mailing list.

And that’s part of the story, but the humble Thank You page can be so much more. In fact, it's a great opportunity to nurture a lead, start to build trust and to develop a conversation.

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Here are some of the main benefits a successful thank you page can deliver:

It continues the prospects’ journey

We recommend removing the navigation menu from a landing page. Put the blinders on your visitors at this stage. This means a lead won’t get distracted and start browsing through your website and will therefore be much more likely to fill in the form.

The Thank You page however, should have the navigation visible. You want your visitors to delve back into your site and download any additional relevant information on topics that they are interested in. The more beneficial information on offer, the more you nurture your leads, the more you build trust and take them further on their journey.

It enhances the prospects’ experience

Too often, companies skip the Thank You page – in favour of in-line message to thank the person for downloading, coupled with an email fulfilment. That’s OK but it’s missing out on a great opportunity to enhance the customer experience.

Emails can get lost or stick in spam filters. A strong Thank You page can re-enforces the messaging that has led to the conversion and reminds them of:

  • The value of the asset they have downloaded
  • Points them towards other useful information
  • Directs them back to your site

The last thing you want a prospect to do, after filling in your form and downloading useful information, is to start browsing other websites.

It puts greater choice in the hands of your prospect

So now your prospect has filled in the form on your landing and been redirected to your Thank You page. They have registered their interest in the information you can provide.

For those leads who are at the early stages of their journey – that may be sufficient. But there may be others who are ready to accelerate the journey.

So, this is your chance to take advantage in their interest and strike while the irons hot.

Use the opportunity to make later-stage content offers – like free trials or assessments. Alternatively you could redirect them to testimonials, and reviews of your product or service to further build reassurance and trust.

Today’s customer-centric climate means you have to work hard and use all the tools available to convince prospects to engage with you.

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