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Webinar content – use it, don’t lose it!

Can you do more with your content?

You've invested your time and effort into getting a webinar off the ground; frankly you've done your bit – that’s quite an achievement in itself. Firstly, you managed to get the "very important subject matter expert" to present. Secondly, the technology worked, (always helps). And thirdly, your audience appeared to be interested and asked questions!

But, what happens when it’s all over? Often, there’s so much on the to do list that you breathe a sigh of relief and very quickly move on to your next campaign. But what about taking a step back? Your webinar content and the audience interaction is gold dust for future content to drive people through the stages of your buyer journey.

What content, where?

By creating an ebook, blog post or a short summary/report of the key points from the webinar content, you’ve got a reason to engage with your attendees again. And, if your webinar’s Q&A raised some interesting discussion topics, why not turn that into new content for your prospects?

If you are producing a series of webinars, you should be thinking about that rich content for future blog posts, tweets, ebooks, white papers, Slideshare and more – your marketing kit bag could be bulging. The end result is a well-rounded, comprehensive set of marketing assets that support a campaign theme and reiterate your core message, consistently.

The reason why I'm so excited is because I come from a background of running nurture campaigns. I know that good content these days is hard to find, so when you do, be smart and use it! But if time is against you, we can help. Why not share your webinar recording with us here and let us do the legwork?

Send us your webinar content and we'll show you what's possible!