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What’s your marketing talent?


Whether you’re client or agency side, corporate or field-based, as a marketer you’re always in the spotlight. As one of the most visible functions in many businesses (and let’s face it, who doesn’t have an opinion about marketing?) your talents are always on display.

But, with tongue firmly in cheek, we ask you…

Where do your marketing talents lie?

The magician

Is this you?

  • Regularly feel like you need to produce the proverbial rabbit out of the virtual hat?
  • Under pressure to deliver spectacular results with a microscopic budget and tiny timescales?
  • Need to produce ‘something shiny’ to keep the boss/investor/client happy?

Top tip: Use slight of hand to distract attention with a smart deliverable, like an awesome case study, while you stay focused on the main programme in hand.

The juggler

Do you have:

  • Multiple projects on the go?
  • Multiple stakeholders to be managed?
  • Creative, commercial, C-suite, social, brand, events, demand gen all needing to be kept moving AND in synch?

Top tip: Have a plan and publicise it – it’s the only way to stay sane. But leave yourself a bit of wiggle room (better to under promise and over deliver than the other way around!).

The weight lifter

Any of this feel familiar?

  • Up against an immovable object or an irresistible force?
  • Got a marketing non-believer preventing you from achieving your goals?
  • Need to ‘punch above your weight’ to make your voice heard – out in the market and/or inside the business?

Top tip: Flex your marketing muscles – demonstrate how marketing impacts on those vital business statistics to prove your value.

The acrobat

What about this?

  • Need the flexibility to succeed in dynamic environment where nothing is certain – except that everything changes?
  • Feel like you have to bend over backwards to meet the needs of demanding stakeholders?

Top tip: Give yourself a safety net. Build a backup plan and budget contingency to help you face the unexpected with confidence.

The choir leader

Are you:

  • Struggling to keep agencies, teams and stakeholders singing from the same song sheet?
  • Surrounded by prima donnas constantly demanding the limelight?
  • Hitting the occasional bum note? It’s only to be expected if you take a few risks, but problematic if it keeps on happening.

Top tip: Maintain your marketing drumbeat. Regular phased synch ups to keep everyone in harmony.

Oh, and never work with ‘children’ or ‘animals’!

Are these your marketing talents? Or do you have others? We'd love to hear about them!