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Meet the MF team - Adam Parker

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Adam Parker

Official Job Title

Junior Account Executive

But what do you actually do?

A bit of everything! I work with most of the team members, helping them with various projects along the way and learning as I go.

So, if you could write an alternative job title that really describes what you do…

Let’s say, jack of all trades, fiercely protected by Diana!

Tell us a bit about your background and how you got to where you are now.

Well, I think like a lot of people, I didn’t quite get the exam results I wanted at school, and I didn’t have any clear career ideas when I left college. While I was at college, I had a part-time job at Tesco which taught me a lot about the workplace and gave me transferable skills, but it didn’t help me form any actual career ideas.

Then I was given a lovely opportunity to work at a family member’s marketing agency. I did all sorts – social media, research, image sourcing, uploading to Wordpress… and suddenly I’d found this interesting, creative profession, and became inspired to really take marketing seriously. So, when the opportunity came up to work for Marketing Fusion, I grabbed it with both hands!

What exciting projects do you have coming up that you're involved in.

We’ve just won a new client who is new to HubSpot, which is great for me as I’ve just completed my certification training. I’m working with Diana on implementing HubSpot, converting existing landing pages, and getting them set up for managing campaigns with HubSpot. It’s a great project for me because I’m building on my existing knowledge and taking my HubSpot skills to the next level.

What qualities do you bring to the team?

This is a tricky one because I’m only in the early stages of my career. But I'd say I'm very enthusiastic and loyal. I have a passion for marketing and a desire to do a great job. And I have a strong drive to show Marketing Fusion they made the right decision in hiring me.

What makes Marketing Fusion stand out from the crowd?

I think I’m very lucky to join an experienced team with an awesome range of skills. And I'd say we're a very close family unit which helps us to get the best out of each other.

Who’s another team member you admire?

To be diplomatic - I'd say I enjoy and admire all the members of the team! But I’m working most closely with Diana right now; she’s my mentor. I’d be very proud if I could achieve some of the same career highlights as she has.

Can you describe Marketing Fusion in five words?

Fantastic team of awesome professionals.

If you could take Marketing Fusion on a team building day, what would you do?

Last December we did a chocolate course together, making Christmas truffles. I love to cook so it was great fun, but unfortunately, I don’t like chocolate! So I would love to do another food-related day, but this time at Newlyns cookery school. It's a farm shop, café and cooking school which offers all sorts of courses. It would be great fun to learn how to cook some new dishes together. But probably not chocolate related!